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For better management of organic residues

Richard Vallée  •  18 June 2021
For better management of organic residues

An organic coagulant to reduce your mud production by 30 to 40%

Coagulants based on metal salts are recognized as being effective in clarifying waste water for the improvement of various parameters in physico-chemical treatment.

One of the problems with inorganic salts is that they generate a large amount of mud.

The solids that are generated by the hydroxides will provide an excess of sludge to dispose of.

Al2(SO4)3 + 3Ca(HCO3)2 = 2Al(OH)3 ppt+ 3CaSO4 + 6CO2

In addition, the use of inorganic salts will also cause the acidification of the effluents, which in itself is undesirable, especially if the effluent must be followed by biological purification.

Metal salts can also limit the options for upgrading environmental sludge.

Floc Aid 5560 can be used alone in winter or in conjunction with metal salts for advanced phosphate reduction with reduced dosage.

Do not hesitate to contact us for a free evaluation of Floc Aid 5560.



  • Reduction of sludge generated
  • Dosages 5 to 10 times lower vs metallic salts
  • No drop in alkalinity
  • No depreciation of pH
  • Does not increase the conductivity of the effluent (European standard)
  • Allows better classification of residues for spreading / composting
  • Makes the use of polymer optional, the product is polymerized at the base
  • Does not cause premature soiling of UV disinfection lamps

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