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Toll Manufacturing and Private Label

Constant can be your toll manufacturer. If you are looking to bring your formulation to market, Constant can be your trusted partner. We work together with companies from all sectors including Food Processing, Janitorial, Agricultural, Pulp & Paper and Mining to formulate and manufacture specialty chemicals.

Toll Manufacturing and Private Label

    Private Label: Launch your own brand with our product formulas

    With Constant having more than 1000 product formulations already tried and tested, it may be easier and faster to buy a Constant formulated product labelled with your private brand. Our wide range of product lines include janitorial, ware washing, laundry, agricultural, food processing, industrial, and specialty chemicals.

    Our ability to provide in-house full-color labels, SDS documents and technical data sheets with your brand, our short manufacturing delays and low minimum order requirements caters to numerous companies building their own brands. In order to make the process as easy as possible for our clients, transportation and even warehousing of your branded products is available.

    It is important to us to protect our customer’s interests and information. Confidentiality is as important to us as it is to our clients.

    We manufacture and package both liquid and powder products in packages ranging from 4L to bulk, and everything in between.


    The Constant Advantage:

    • Experienced manufacturer
    • Expertise to support you and your client needs
    • Large product offering
    • Low inventory cost
    • Short production delay
    • Low minimum order volume
    • Private branded labels, SDS documents and technical data sheets
    • Confidentiality throughout the process

    Toll Manufacturing: Your partner in the development of your products and your brand

    Custom toll manufacturing services start with our laboratory and staff, who can test your formulation and provide insightful ideas. Naturally we can blend, mix, grind, and filter raw materials required by the manufacturing process before dispensing, labelling, and packaging the final product. We manufacture and package both liquid and powder products in packages ranging from 4L to bulk, and everything in between.  Transportation and warehousing services are also available.

    Maintaining stocks of raw materials in-house to meet formula requirements is part of our toll manufacturing process. Having ISO quality registration gives peace of mind to manufacturing consistency.

    Confidentiality agreements are in place with our staff and customers. Rest easy, knowing any work carried out on your products will remain confidential. We build trust with customers because protecting our customer’s interests and information is our top priority.

    The Constant Advantage:

    • Clean and modern facilities
    • Powder and liquid mixing capabilities
    • High-speed filling equipment
    • Variety of packaging formats
    • Product Research and Development
    • Support in sourcing unique ingredients
    • ISO certified quality control program
    • Regulatory and technical document support
    • In house graphic artists to design labels
    • Confidentiality throughout the process
    Our Knowledge at Your Service

    Extensive expertise in multiple markets



    Customized Equipment

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    We want to thank Constant for their expertise and their ability to formulate products that have met our needs and those of our customers and that have opened up new markets for us which until then were closed to us.

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