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Cleanliness - a guarantee of quality

Constant  •  15 July 2020
Cleanliness - a guarantee of quality

Food processing environments that are not properly cleaned or sanitized can contribute to the growth of microorganisms that lead to food spoilage and foodborne illness. They can be bacteria, molds, yeasts, viruses or parasites.

In the presence of nutritious foods and humidity and when the environment is favorable (correct pH, temperature and appropriate oxygen content), bacteria, molds and yeast multiply in the food.

Microorganisms responsible for spoiling foods reduce shelf life by changing the color, texture, taste or smell of the food. Such alterations render the food undesirable or unfit for consumption. Pathogenic microorganisms, which can cause disease or release pathogenic toxins, do not produce visible changes in the food.

Constant is prood to play a decisive role in this direction.

Webinar: Cleaning, Sanitation, and Excellence
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